Multiple Roof Lantern installation Interior of a Town and Country Roof Lantern featuring blinds Exterior of Town and Country Roof Lantern Exterior of Town and Country Roof Lantern Exterior of Town and Country Roof Lantern with side frames Interior of a large Town and Country Roof Lantern installation above a kitchen
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Town and Country - Designers and Makers of Roof Lanterns built in Aluminium and Timber.

Welcome Town and Country's dedicated roof lantern website. In addition to our core business of designing and manufacturing conservatories and orangeries, Town and Country’s product range includes roof lanterns. Whether your interest is in the re-development of an existing space, or an entirely new one, the inclusion of a roof lantern or roof lanterns within your plans should be an essential ingredient in creating a truly exciting space bathed in naturally invigorating light.

Town and Country’s experience of designing roof lanterns has developed from perfecting the orangery roof which itself includes a roof lantern. Roof lanterns incorporate many of the same assembly and specification details that are the hallmark of all Town and Country fine glass buildings.

Roof lanterns increasingly feature in schemes prepared by architects and designers, who recognise their potential for transforming an otherwise dark and gloomy space. Roof lanterns represent an accessible and affordable Other to many conventional roofing treatments, and need not only be in the domain of the professional designer.

Browsing our roof lantern website will enlighten you to the many design solutions roof lanterns offer, and encourage the fulfillment of your plans. Roof lanterns can take many different and exciting forms, from spectacular pyramid lanterns, and elegant octagons, to the larger rectangular hipped roof lanterns. Roof lanterns may be positioned to define a particular area within a space; a kitchen island, for example, or the dining area within an open-plan kitchen/diner. Other suitable applications for roof lanterns include stairwells, offices, restaurants and shops.

Whatever your choice, each Town and Country roof lantern, whether it’s bespoke or selected from our Standard Range is pre-assembled for accuracy in our Norfolk workshops. One can choose installation by Town and Country which secures a two year service warranty or opt for delivery only in which case the lantern is brought to site in component parts (essentially kit form, manual provided).

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